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At Tech we care about your happiness, connecting you with a healthy community and encourage growth at your pace. Hello Happy People, your happiness is our driving focus.

Home Away from Home: Online Friendly is a social media and home away from home that is dedicated to the generation of people who desire to feel connected with friends, families, like-minded community, regardless of the region or race, caste or religion, class or creed et al. Stay with us!

Lets chat in a new way: Media Comfort

In real time we aim to help you communicate with family and friends in a more simplified and satisfactory way, by encouraging; Lets chat in a new way, Lets make communication more fun and time saving, and Lets make it simpler, smarter, faster and more effective with messaging, video chat and more lucrative options.

Connect better with your locality Tech, is providing a lucrative ground for both corporate organization and individuals who have the resources to help make the world a more happy place. We will offer features such as Chatting, Posting Videos, Images, Music, and many more

As a Giant of Africa based and world class social media company. We are setting up our physical presence in the local and urban areas , and aiming to expand through the countries of Africa, Asia, America, Europe and other parts of the world, where people desire to connect with likeminds and spread love and happiness.

Come ride with us, it is fun out here!

About the author: MercyGates
A technology enthusiast, with hands on practice in Research and Marketing Analysis, among'st others. He is a self-starter with great interest in content creation, and Business Management.

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Hello Happy People; Come and join our community to spread happiness. Expand your network and get to know new people!


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